Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leeya Evans ♥.♥

Oky this is my baby ♥.♥ Awwhh,she's so cuteeee.Much cute than me k.Hihi,baby since i know you,you'r so kind to mee.You'r always got problems aite?But no worry im here for you.Just share it with me k baby?Whoaa you got new boyfriend dohh.Gilaa sweet i tgk you dgn diaa.Hee,btw i'll pray for your happiness with him k sayang ;) Just ignore wht people want to say about you and him.As long you'r happy with him.Haha,idk wht i'm saying right now.No matter wht,iloveyou Batrisyia Illiya ♥ We got the same name lah.Haha,take care baby.Much love Batrisyia xx