Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oky,this is my final decision!

Hm,guyss i think i don`t want to use phone anymore.Yeah,its because i don`t want to hurt myself anymore with the shit boy.Hm,myb i'll not online my fb for a while until i feel that i`m okay.I don’t want to think of him today,nor write of him.I don’t want to relive times in which he filled; i don’t want to wish he was here.Today,i just want to be me,me alone,the me i was before i ever saw him.You know wht,act i get hurt easily and take a lot of things personally.Arghh,i think i wanna die -.-' Shittosss,zzzzzz ==' Seriously i'm not oky right now,you fucking destroyed me boy ): Wht the fuck are you?!Haihh,to all my friends i'm shooo sorry wht ive done to youu kayy.I know that i’d make many mistakes to you,and i’m really sorry.

Oky strt frm today,no more phone and facebook.FULLSTOP - -'
Goodbye to all my friendoss,take a good care of yourself kay.
Much lovee Batrisyia :)