Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello March :')

K,hello guyss.How are you?Doing good isnt?Yeahh,great ;D So,its March already yeah.So how's your February?Much better than January or not?Hm,me?Tettt,idk lol --' Oky,next week is my first monthly exam baby.Awhh,sucksss (Y) I've to study hard.Like i'm going to PMR* Haha,yeahh next year babehh my PMR.Am i dreaming right now?K,somebody tepuk sikit kepala aku ni.Haa,tak mimpi pun.Haha,lol.Today is 4th March aite?Hm,yesterday was a great moment :D Eh,apa yg greatnya kan?Langsung tak,haha yeah.But for me k.Not you,just shut up --/ Huh ;c Oh my crushes D: Hey,idk whcich one to choose right now.Fuck,i wanna see you my crushes.Hihi.Alolo,bapak gedik ah aku ni en.Damn.Why must be like this?Nvm,aku girl kan.Normal lah tu.Hey my crushes,can i keep you forever alone?Goshh,batak gilaa O: Eww,apadehal aku type 'crushes' erkk?Mcm lah banyak kan.Booyeahh,banyak lah jugak.Dlm 3 4 org mcm tu.Lalala,so wht?Suka hati aku lah nak ckp apa,aku punya suka lah derr.Oh god,you said you like me?Haha,aww thank you.I like you too boy :* LOL,wht im talking eh?Merapu jee lebih.Siapa lah kan nak suka dkt kau Batrisyia oiii.Kau tu bkn cantik mcm org lain,yg tiap2 minggu ada bf.Blushing* Hihihi :)
Just realize how happy you made me. Thank you for best days of my life. Without you, idk wht i would be.