Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February yeah :-)


Whooopppssssssss,it's February now :D There's many things happen in January yeahh.Err,i think that January was not happy at all.Yeahh,as all of you know that i'd lost my beloved sister,act not my sister.But she just likee mines.Ah,i don't want to think about that.It's really sad :(Kayy now,its February yeahh.Oh February please be nice to mee kayy?I really don't want something happen just like on January.And one more dont break my heart.Its really hurt.Especially boy.Such a player -.- Oh SHIT! Oh man,today im going out with my friends.Woo,i really excited :DAct today i've to meet Liyana but she's got wht,idk.That's her problem kayy -.- And now,i'm going with Wak Yan.Hihi,tak sabar doo Wak Yan.Nanti kita shoot kayy.Kita kacau org en.Apalagi Shaza yg tengah date dgn Paan tu en.Hahah,best dee.Kan Wak Yan,tp tak bestnya ramai tak boleh pergi.Takpe ah asalkan keluar.Dari duduk rmh jee,boleh jd gila tau ak?Asyik belajar jeee.Hahah,kayy tu je aku nak ckp.Bye :-)