Monday, October 3, 2011

Heppeee Born Day!


Hi hi hi hi hi. Hehehe happy birthday to me~~~ Lalala happy 14th birthday Batrisyia! Hewww thanks fr the great day guys! I really appriciate it! Thanks to my Nersh, Adam Aidil Faiz Benjot && Syafik. It was the best day ever! Eventhough we just hang out and had lunch at Pizza Hut but but but i thought that you guys were soooooooooo awesome. Yeah hahaha sorry i can't treat you all cuz i don't hv money lar. Itu pun my father gave it to me. We then lepak dkt tasik tu and and and snapping sana snapping sini. Sorry Aidil, yr DSLR was our victim =D Mwhehe next time lepak lagi k korang? Best kot lepak dgn korang semua. Nt aku nak hadiah yea dr korang semua!! Hewhew :B Baidewei, to all PMR candidates, do yr best ok? Make sure that yr parent will proud of you! Me going to PMR next year guys. Howmaigawdddddd all the best. Gtg bye =) Xx