Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you so much #MFML

I love you so much MFML  Your the love of my life and thats a fact, for my past is something that i dont want to look back. Your here when im upset or just feel a little down, you help me feel better bout myself and get rid of that frown. I dont care what everyone says, i honestly think were meant to be, for you the only one i need in my life, just you and me. I dont like it when your gone for i hate the feeling of being alone, i miss when you talk sweet to me even if its just over the phone. Baby your my everything but that doesnt describe how much you mean to me, thats why im writing this so the world can see. My heart only beats for you, i know my hearts safe with you. When i was about to give up on life, god sent me something that took all the pain away, something that finally gave me hope and pride, he gave me you and i will never forget that day. I never thought i could find someone like you. I have fallen in love with you unexpectedly and no matter how far we are apart. I will always miss you like crazy. You hold my heart. You're every part of my life, past, present, and future. You're the angel of my dreams. Now, i miss you like hell. One day without you makes me feel down :[ I love you so much I cant even explain. You always know how to cheer me up. 26th May was a really great day! And yeah, im sorry all my stupid mistakes baby, i know i wasnt perfect, i still have a lot of questionsBut now all i can do is say, i love you and i will always be here for you all the time :) -Batrisyia