Friday, March 18, 2011

Hikhik x_

Oky, today is Friday baby. There's still 2 more days to gooooooo. Goshhh, i really can't wait to go to schoool. Haha, yeahh because i want to meet my boyfriend x_ Hikhik, don't jealous kayy :P I really mich my boyfriend :( Eventhough almost every evening he's playing football in front of my house but i still michhh him. I just watching he's playing. You know wht when he's playing football awhh so handsome :O Haha, am i gedik? Oh yeah? So wht? GD -.- Just go and eat Nutella and shut up. Its up to me oky, this is my blog ~.~ haha, whtever dumb-ass. Kay, im not pro in making jokes and this is not jokes. Got it?
Err, one whole night without handphone just like i lost everything i lovee T___T Abah, pleaseee i want my phonee. Yesterday i switched on my phone just to see who sent messages to me. Hm, i just got messages from Maxis, erghhh -.- From Izyan and . . . from stranger. Maigad, who are you huh?! You sent a message to me and you'r using ayat wempitZzzxXx you know. Ewww, geli muchhhxxx ;) I don't have a wempitZZxxx friend. He/She idk who -.- Sent message to me like this ; Huarghhh ! Aq bOwinKKK ! =,= (something like that, haha lupa dahh) OMG D: I feel like want to cry +___+ Heyy, i want to ask you. Tak pandai eja ke? Mehh aku ajar mehh :D Haha, sorry stranger. But i was really kinda dissapointed because . . . err i didn't get any message from my boyfriend :/ Hikhik, but nvm. I called him last night and we otp together isnt'? Haha :D
I really misssssss my bestfriend :|| Sokayy lahh, still 2 more days to goo kan Bat? Yeah, but 2 days is like 2 years oky. I miss to disturb Shaza, haha aku mmg suka buat dia melatah xP And same goes to Yasmin :D Hikhik x_ Wak Yan, i miss you so muchhh. Heee, rindu nak kena mrh dgn kau. Haha, Sri Dyana and Ain. Oky i miss you too guysssss. I miss to hear Dyana's voice. Ohmy, her voice is really cutee. Sri, hmm idk wht to miss. Haha, sorry its a joke. And of  course Ain, i miss she's giving advice to me. Ala, senang ckp ceramah kayy ;) Mehh sini mwa dkt dahi sikit :* Haha. I feel like that this school holiday is really boring. Isnt? Untunglah korang dpt keluar, aku? Hm, mcm apa jee duduk rmh. 
Haha, oky whtever it is i really miss my best best friend so much. And my boyfriend tu, hikhik x) Kthanksbye :)