Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hm :(

Hello guyss ,how are you? Are you fine? Oh me? Idk -.- Seriously i'm still sad wht had happened to me. I really wish for this year i've such a great moments ,but in happiness we also have the sadness. We're all lost someone that really special. Ya Allah ,why can i accept that she's gone forever? Why? Haihh :/ Rynaa ,why did you left all of us so fast? We all are really miss you. I miss you voice and your everything :( Idk wht to say anymore ,i really sad right now. I was oncall with Faris just now. I asked him everything about arwah. Sorry i can't tell you the truth because it's a secret. Sorry ;| Faris ,act aku pun sedih jgk. Even sedih kau tu lain mcm kitaorg sedih tp kitaorg still terasa jgk dgn pemergian arwah. Seriously i really miss youu Rynaa. Kesian Faris ,now dia dah tkde Rynaa dah. Bat nak sgt ziarah kubur Rynaa ,tapi td Faris dah ckp myb Tahun Baru Cina ni kitaorg dtg ziarah Rynaa kayy? No worry :D Tp time Bat oncall dgn Faris pun dia banyak sgt mengeluh. Myb dia dlm keadaan sedih lg kott. Sama lah dgn bat :( Everday Bat akan doakan Rynaa. Bat akan sedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk Rynaa. Rynaa ,i'll miss you. I'll never forget about you. I love you Amarrina. Btw ,korang semua jgn lupa sedekahkah untuk arwah kayy? Thank you :)