Monday, November 15, 2010


Babes, having a special boy/girl-friends is trouble right? Yeah, this is because "we" have to care about each others feeling and etc. Do you know wht is mean by L O V E? Haha, when we had a boy/girl-friends we often said "ILOVEYOU" isn't? Act, did you love your's so much? I don't think so, but i don't know lah how's your feeling. But for meh, i didn't love my boyf so much because i know he's not my "Future Husband or My Husband" Sometimes i feel like i wanna clash with my boyf. I don't why but i think because i'm being more "serabut" lahh babes. Jyeahh, almost everyday i've to think about him, care bout him. Erghhh, sucks man ! Really hate it "__________" Muahaha, whatever lah guyss. Act ,i don't know wht i'm talking about. Hihi, bosan doo -.-' So, i'm just write wht i'm thinking really right now :) So, just read it okay? If you'r not satisfied, just tell mehh okay? Toodles and thank youu :)