Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yesss ;)

Awwww, haha. Today i knew a guy that i've had met before this :) He's personally kind to mehh :) Nama dia Amirul Haqim. Act, dahh lama dahh kenal dia ni. Cuma tk tegur jea. Haha, ptg tadi dkt fb dia post at my wall. I wondering what he wants from mehh because he posted two things at my wall. Hehh, lastly he just asked me ; adik angkat Faris ek? Huhh, then i reply yess yess. Mana tahu ni? Then, he just comment Faris told him. Ohh, i see. I'm asking he when Faris told him? He told me last day at his openhousee *Faris punya openhouse. Ohh, great :D HAHA, i thought Faris don'twant to admit that i'm his little sister :) Before this, his sister Farah Khalidah, had asked him whether i'm his adopted? Hee, finallayyyy, kakak Farah kenal jugak adik :) Hohhh "_______"Thanks to my brother, Faris Khalifah ♥>

PS ; Where is my birthday present Faris? XD