Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whoooopie :)

HAHA, watevahh lahh --' You know wht? Yesterday, time Sir Shahlan relief Teacher Natasha, he asked us to intoduce ourselves in front of the class. Yeahh, he asked us to wrote down our names, our ambition's and how to achieve our's ambition. HAHA, when Sir asked "Dkt dpn ni siapa pulak?" OMG, jgn lahh pilih aku. Pleaseeeeeeee :( Wth? Yasmin and Wak Yan menggatal sgt sebut nama aku, ishh babi. Dengan muka tk malunya aku pergi lah dpn. Haha, then agak ahh malu siot nak ckp dkt dpn tu. Tak biasa do ==' Cerita lahh tentang diri aku. Ada lahh tergagap sikit. Cehh, Lady Ga - Gap xP. HAHA, i told all my friendoss that i wnt to be a lecturer when i'm growing up. You knowh wht Sir told them? He told them that who want to be a doctor or wht, this is your lecturer. Haha, gila apaaa -- Then, he asked mehh which university i want to go? Err, Ain gave me a clue. USM, then he asked againnn. Wht is USM? I answered his nonsense question. Wtf, haha. Mencarut pulak dahh. Haha, *blah blah blah.

Time dah habis tu, kitaorg pergi belakang. Yasmin ckp lahh dia nak jadi stewardesss. Haha, boleh kee? Then, dia ckp lahh aku boleh ajar anak dia dgn Imran lahh. Wth of thiss? Haha, no matter wht it's still a jokee :D Dia ckp Doctor apa? Doctor Imran, haha bodoh x) Batak gilaa. Haha, bangang :)