Friday, October 8, 2010

About Justin Bieber

*Before that, i would like to say sorry to Shaf because i had copy this from your blog :)

Justin Bieber

idk why do people head over heels hate him so freaking ugly damn much. im not saying that im his
"#1 fan" or something. i dont hate him and pretty much that i dont like him either. im probably neutral and universal. hey, look. u gotta admit that his songs are great. the reasons i found out why do teenagers especially guys hate him so much:

  • his baby face
  • his girly voice *which are now he'd already broke his voice :P HAAHAAA
  • his windswept hair
it annoys me too -.- but the fact is, we hate him bcse we're jealous. because i do. honestly. hehe. he's just 16 years old and pretty much got everything. money, popularity, fame, perfection, millions of fans, award winning songs&albums. u name it. dont hate him. he did nothing to you. tapi kalau nak benci dia sbb dia hebat, sila2 :D